Extension Springs

There are many different types of systems, and springs and so forth out there for people to use to help open up there garage doors. Many people use the more modern up to date system called torsion springs, but you can still find people using the extension springs on the more older models of some homes. The extension springs are not as modern as the torsion springs, but just in case ur wondering the extension springs are still highly effective in doing the job they are for.

There is a certain way that the extension springs go about opening your garage door, and there is a certain way the torsion springs open your garage door as well.  The garage door extension springs have two pulleys on either side of the garage door when the garage door is pushed down it created tension on these pulleys and allows you to pull the garage door back up with little work.

The extension springs are also very cheap nowadays because they are so out-dated that most people dont even use them nowadays, and most places don’t even sell them anymore. If you have a garage door thats uses the extension springs you can go to any professional garage store installation shop and have them put in the more updated material.

So in restrospect, looking back on the entire subject of the garage door extension springs you need to make sure that you try to update your garage door with the most updated system that you can find. The torsion springs are the more modern garage door opening system so you need to try, and get those installed if you have the extension springs installed right now.