Garage Door Spring Repair

Every now and then you will have times in which your garage door will all of a sudden just not want to open up anymore. Things mess up thats just a part of life, the good thing about it is knowing what to do when something like that breaks. Most people like to try and do it theirselves and try to fix everything on there own, but you need to take into consideration what exactly it is your trying to fix.

If you have a modern garage door then you have a garage door that uses a torsion spring to open and close the door. The torsion spring is a very big spring that is usually centered on top of the garage door itself, the torsion spring is under a huge amount of stress so when these springs mess up or break the results can be quite deadly.

If the garage door spring does break, I would highly recommend that you do not personally try to fix the spring yourself if you have a torsion spring. The torsion spring is under about 500lbs of stress and even the coil shoot out and hits your hand or finger it could injure you very bad, or it could possible take off a finger.

If this happens to your garage door the most logically thing for you to do is to call a professional to come and work on your garage door. They know what to do and they also know how to do it so they do not mess up anything in the process of fixing it as well. Also you don’t want to have to go to the emergency room because a spring cut your finger off now do you? So just let the professionals handle it, and you will be perfectly fine.